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Lazareni, Romania – Diaper a Day Project

Lazareni is a community in  Northwestern Romania with a population of around 3000. Within Lazareni there is a large Roma Gypsy Community.

The current employment status of the community is 2% leaving 98% of its members unemployed. The Roma Gypsy children were originally being educated through a private school. This school was closed in 2010 due to a governmental/EU decision to integrate the Roma children into state schools to help reduce discrimination and achieve better harmony. Unfortunately, this decision has had a negative impact on the Roma Gypsy children who face resentment from the local non-Roma children resulting in a 50% reduction of school attendance.,_Bihor

Marghita, Romania

In 2016, we established a “Care Distribution Center” for those living in poverty from unemployment and discrimination due to their nationality.

The Care Distribution Center provides clothing, diapers, beds, bed linens, toys and dry food. Everything within the Centre is completely organized according to size and is pre-washed.

The Centre’s advantage is that those in need, are able to come to the Center themselves, choose the items that they specifically require, which increases their self esteem. They have been given a choice to determine their own needs for themselves and their families, providing a sense of freedom and accomplishment.